December 6, 2023

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Revenue-Neutral hearing dates set across Kansas…here’s where you can attend

Your chance to tell elected officials what you think of property tax increases is coming up soon, and history indicates…

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Education officials top the 2022 KPERS ‘millionaires’ list

Data provided by the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System shows Kansas has 3,778 KPERS ‘millionaires’ – state and local government…

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2022 pay increases for some school administrators dwarf teacher pay

The average teacher pay increased by 4.3% (contracted base salary) in the 2022 school year, but some administrators received much…

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Pay increases, 9% property tax hike in Manhattan

Data from the Kansas Department of Revenue shows the City of Manhattan raised property tax by 9% last year, and…

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Big pay hikes at KCK Board of Public Utilities

Big utility bills paid by customers of the Kansas City, Kansas Board of Public Utilities helped fund some hefty pay…

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2020 state payroll listing includes K-State coaches

In a break from past practice, the 2020 state payroll listing includes some highly paid coaches at Kansas State University. …

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Garden City, Finney County employee pay increases

The 2020 calendar year payroll listings posted to for Garden City and Finney County show some unusual compensation increases.…

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