Friday, November 17, 2017

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    “Shocked” McCaskill Wants Franken Investigated But Had Highest Praise For Colleague Ted Kennedy

    The Associated Press is reporting that Sen. Claire McCaskill is "shocked and concerned" about the sexual misconduct allegations against her Senate colleague Al Franken. From the looks of things, however, there would not seem...

    Greitens Fires Back after Nasty Star Editorial

    That Kansas City Star editorial board sank to new lows in an editorial criticizing Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens' appointments to the State Board of Education. The editorial says Greitens' appointments will fire Margie Vandeven, the Missouri...

    Did Garden City CC Really Throw “Muslim” Basketballer Out of College?

    Garden City Community College in western Kansas is enduring an unexpected moment in the basketball sun due to the hasty departure from school of a red-shirted basketball player named Rasool Samir. Samir, a 19-year-old...

    State Funds But School Boards Decide How Money Is Spent

    Despite an influx of state aid to public schools, some districts will spend less on instruction as a percentage of their total budget than they did last year. That's according to numbers from the Kansas State...

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