Wednesday, January 23, 2019

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    Tax Foundation Director Talks ‘Trump Windfall’ with Senate Committee

    An economist at the Tax Foundation told the Kansas Senate Taxation committee states can lose competitive edge if they don’t tweak tax policy related to the 'Trump Windfall.' “Sometimes standing still means you’re falling behind,”...

    Term limits legislation proposed in Kansas

    Rep. Ken Corbet, a Topeka Republican, is sponsoring three term limits bills, but he doesn’t think any are likely to become law.   “The chances of getting this done at all are much worse than the...

    Opponents Say Medicaid Expansion Is Bad Medicine

    Rep. Jim Ward, D-Wichita, introduced a bill to expand Kansas’ Medicaid program, and Gov. Laura Kelly said in her state of the state address earlier this week that expansion will be a priority for...

    Senate Republicans Prioritize Returning Trump Windfall to Taxpayers

    Senate Republicans are poised to debate and pass legislation that would direct the Trump windfall back to Kansas taxpayers, but they'll likely face resistance from the executive branch. The Senate Tax Committee discussed the...

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