Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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    Media, Mods Fret Over Faith-Based “Firestorm” On Adoption Bill

    “We heard the terminology that there’s a firestorm coming,” Shelee Brim, a moderate Republican state rep from Shawnee, told the Kansas City Star. The Star thought the quote headline worthy and promoted it with...
    raining cash

    Do Students Know Faculty In Cash-Strapped Kansas Are Getting Rich?

    The Kansas Policy Institute has recently secured and posted state salaries for 2017, and the impression one get from reviewing them is that university faculty and administrators in cash-strapped Kansas are getting rich or...

    Students Whine: School Officials Set Rules for School-Sponsored ‘Walkout’

    If everyone is on board with your protest and you suffer no consequences as a result, is it really a protest? Those who suffered real consequences for peaceful protest, even unto death, would probably beg...

    New York Times, Remember “The Honeymooners”?

    The New York Times, like much of the media, has a way of creating a social phenomenon where none exists. This tendency was on full display in an April 22 article headlined, "Public Servants...

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