Monday, June 25, 2018

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    Why Is Race Not An Issue in KCK Cop Killings?

    The media, local and national, practice a double standard on the subject of race and crime that is undeniable and indefensible: when a white cop kills a black person, race is always an issue;...

    Should KC Royals Sign Accused Child Molester?

    The Kansas City Royals are considering the signing of a star college pitcher who, as a 15 year old, was accused of being a child molester. Although Luke Heimlich, now 22, continues to deny the...

    Are Prosecutors, The Media Hiding The Cause of The KCK Cop Killing?

    The real cause for the killing of Deputies Patrick Rohrer, 35, and Theresa King, 44, was that the accused perpetrator Antoine Fielder is a bad dude who should have been imprisoned a long time ago. An...

    Their Fake Baby Images vs. Our Real Ones

    It is unfortunate that America has reached the point where it makes sense to talk about "their images" and "ours," but such is the reality. Two stories in the news this past week show...

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