Tuesday, December 12, 2017

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    Eagle, Study Suggest More Government to Make Supply Meet Demand

    There aren’t enough day care providers to meet the needs of working parents, according to a study Child Care Aware of Kansas released in conjunction with the Kansas Department for Children and Families. The...

    Star Gratuitously Ties Trump Into Kansas Anti-Muslim Bombing Plot

    The Kansas City Star used two provocative words in a headline that have little or nothing to do with the western Kansas bombing plot in question: "mosque" and "Trump." The headline reads, "Pro-Trump jurors sought...

    Wichita Teachers Average 6 Percent Raise, Super Gets $14K Bump

    Wichita School Superintendent Alicia Thompson will sweeten her salary by more than $14,000 this school year, and district teachers won't do half bad either. The new teacher contract increased teacher pay by 3.95 percent...

    Star Shouldn’t Be Preaching About Gender Issues, They Should Be Apologizing

    Like far too many of those weighing in on gender issues, the Kansas City Star's Mary Sanchez warns the ordinary working guy that he is in for a "major attitude adjustment." Sanchez seems unaware...

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