Saturday, July 22, 2017

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    conceal carry Kansas

    Accused Learning It Doesn’t Pay to Rob a Kansas Gun Store

    The first of the four defendants to go on trial in the fatal 2015 shooting of Jon Bieker, proprietor of She's-A-Pistol in Shawnee, learned the hard way it does not pay to cross state...

    Kansas Hospital Association Misleads on Medicaid Claim

    Kansas Hospital Association trots out misleading information to advocate for Medicaid expansion. Cindy Samuelson, spokesperson for KHA, told the Hawver's Capitol Report that Kansas' refusal to expand Medicaid means that federal funding has been redistributed...

    Two KSU Protestors Busted in Health Care Protest, Cap-J Applauds the Protest

    In a putative "news' article on a DC health care protest, the Topeka Capital-Journal's Tim Carpenter shows how easy it is to slip in a strong editorial bias. The article tells the tale of...

    No Voter Fraud? Just Look at the Streetcar Election

    For all the alleged worry about voter suppression, the leading liberal worthies of Kansas City--the Sierra Club included--endorsed the Byzantine election process designed to get the Kansas City streetcar extended south to UMKC. Not...

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