Sunday, April 30, 2017

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    Cold and Rain Do Not Deter Marchers Anxious About Warming and Drought

    Despite temperatures more than 20 degrees below normal and nearly three inches of rain, marchers worried--this week--about global warming and drought marched through the Plaza and then into Unity Temple. One young man held a...
    Stand Up Blue Valley

    ‘Take Back the Night’ in Lawrence Takes a Hard Left Turn

    In the morning of August 21, 1863, William Quantrill reportedly stood under a tree on the outskirts of Lawrence, Kansas, and told his men that if any of them would so much as touch...

    Star Blames Russia for Muslim Assault on Gays

    Russia hasn't gotten this much heat since Joe McCarthy stepped down from the Senate. Now it is the Kansas City Star's turn to pile on, not with a pass-along piece from the AP but...

    KCUR, 9 Schools in 4 Years Is a Tragedy, Not a Curiosity

    Barbara Shelly, formerly of the Kansas City Star and now freelancing with KCUR, tells the judgment-free tale of how Saadiq Thompson, 18, managed to graduate from Ruskin High after attending nine high schools in...

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