Thursday, September 21, 2017

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    CNN Issues Warning Disguised as News to Republicans on Healthcare Bill

    Federal lawmakers may vote on an Obamacare overhaul before the end of September. In a story outlining the fiscal impacts on state budgets, CNN'S Chris Cillizza makes massive assumptions about how voters might respond...

    Star Admits Gender Is Binary in Story Full of Stereotypes

    The Kansas City Star stereotypes men and women while simultaneously suggesting gender is fluid. Which is it? And why does gender (or gender identity) matter in politics? A recent article asks of Kansas politics, "Where are...
    conceal carry Kansas

    No Gun Incidents at K-State Since Campus Carry, Collegian Reports

    The Kansas State Collegian reports zero gun incidents at the K-State since a law allowing individuals to carry concealed weapons in public buildings took effect. Campus carry allows law-abiding citizens over the age of...

    No Riots After Trooper Wrist Slap in Boating Death

    In some obvious ways, the death of Brandon Ellingson while in the custody of Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper Anthony Piercey mirrors that of Freddie Gray's death in Baltimore two years ago. Like Gray,...

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