Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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    Kansas Supreme Court Seems Poised to Ask For More School Money

    Today, May 22, the Kansas Supreme Court is hearing arguments on the state's latest effort to pacify the judges, namely an additional $548 million for public education phased in over five years. The legislature approved...

    Greitens Accuser Continued Affair to Prove “He Really Likes Me”

    When asked by KSDK St. Louis why she continued her affair with Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens if she felt coerced in her first kinky encounter, "KS" said, “I just wanted to feel better. I felt...

    Greitens Case Gets More Perverse, Judge Turns to Jackson County for Special Prosecutor

    Given the lack of crime and corruption in Jackson County, County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker has been appointed "Special Prosecutor" to handle the "invasion of privacy" case first brought against Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens...

    The Grades Are In For KCK Schools–Worse Than You Imagine!

    In a comprehensive review, the Kansas Policy Institute (KPI) has issued easily understood A-F grades for every school in the state. Parents may not like what they see. It seems only fair, however, that...

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