Saturday, December 15, 2018

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    So Much For Bridge Building: Laura Kelly Snubs Trump

    The Wichita Eagle headline said it all, "Trump invited the incoming Kansas governor to the White House. She said she was busy." Thirteen new governors, both Democrat and Republican, were not too busy to show...

    Kelly Has “No Doubt” Kansans Would Reject Amendment Restraining Supreme Court

    Governor-elect Laura Kelly is quite certain Kansans are as indifferent to their rights as free citizens as she is. “If in the end they are able to get it out of the Legislature," said Kelly...

    Not News: Mission Hills Senator Bollier Switching Parties

    To her credit, Kansas State Senator Barbara Bollier of Mission Hills failed to say, "I am not leaving the Republican Party. The Republican Party is leaving me"--the standard trope for Kansas party switchers. To the...

    Eureka! Star Editorial on Public Pensions Makes Sense

    To paraphrase the theme song from Disney's Dumbo, I seen a peanut stand, heard a rubber band/ I seen a needle that winked its eye/ But I be done seen about everything/ When I see a Star...

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