March 24, 2023

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Tag: Deep Equity

Gov. Kelly: parents should butt out of curriculum issues

She said it more covertly than Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe but the message is the same — Kansas Governor…

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Shawnee Mission school district thinks Thanksgiving, Christmas are racist

Shawnee Mission Superintendent Dr. Michelle Hubbard tells parents the district is “pausing” their Thanksgiving and winter holiday meal celebrations because…

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KC Star denies CRT in schools, OK with shaming children

Parents across Kansas are furious that schools are teaching children things like ‘white people are inherently racist and oppress students…

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Video exposes Deep Equity critical race theory indoctrination

The Shawnee Mission school district insists that it doesn’t use critical race theory training, but a new video provides a…

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Teacher leaves Shawnee Mission over critical race theory, masks

Critical race theory and mask mandates prompted at least one Shawnee Mission School District teacher to throw in the towel…

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More disclosure of SMSD’s Deep Equity / CRT indoctrination

A Sentinel report earlier this month on Shawnee Mission spending $400,000 on Deep Equity / critical race theory indoctrination drew…

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Parent abandons SMSD due to CRT indoctrination

Shawnee Mission parent Jeff Arant has decided to homeschool his soon-to-be kindergartner because he doesn’t want his son exposed to…

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KSDE denial of critical race theory is just another fairy tale

The rapidly growing backlash against critical race theory yesterday prompted the Kansas Department of Education (KSDE) to deny that CRT…

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Shawnee Mission spent $400k on Deep Equity/CRT training

The Shawnee Mission school district says it doesn’t use critical race theory, but a Sentinel investigation found that the district…

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