June 3, 2023

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Shawnee Mission school district thinks Thanksgiving, Christmas are racist

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Shawnee Mission Superintendent Dr. Michelle Hubbard tells parents the district is “pausing” their Thanksgiving and winter holiday meal celebrations because of supply chain issues.  But The Sentinel obtained internal documents indicating district officials’ real concern is that Thanksgiving and Christmas are racist.

A memo to Food Service staff says, “As we learn more about diversity, equity, and inclusion, we are evaluating our practice of having holiday-themed meals.”

The premise of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is that race drives everything in this country, including, apparently, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Blaming this on supply chain issues is absurd.  Even if supply chain issues prompted menu modifications, holiday-themed meal celebrations could still take place.  District officials are just using the supply chain as an excuse to cover up their latest assault on children’s minds and American traditions.

District officials aren’t saying what insidious aspects they are ‘learning’ about Thanksgiving and Christmas that violate their worship of critical race theory (aka, diversity, equity, and inclusion.)  But we can be assured their reasoning would be a ridiculous ‘dog ate my homework’ word salad if they did offer an excuse.  How stupid must Hubbard and Board President Heather Ousley think parents and staff are to believe district officials suddenly had a racist epiphany about Thanksgiving and Christmas?

It’s a good thing that school isn’t in session on July 4, or Shawnee Mission would probably cancel Independence Day.

Brainwashing students in the name of diversity

Shawnee Mission insists that it isn’t preaching critical race theory, but The Sentinel discovered that the district paid Corwin Publishing $400,000 for their Deep Equity programming.

Corwin says its Deep Equity program is based on the work of Gary Howard, who believes White people “are collectively bound and unavoidably complicit in the arrangements of dominance that have systematically favored our racial group over others.”  Howard – and by extension, Corwin – are effectively saying White people are racist simply because they are White.

The premise of Deep Equity is that student achievement is suppressed by White privilege.  Corwin says, “The dynamics of privilege and power must be confronted to impact real change” and “students’ cultural realities and experiences must be at the center of the teaching and learning process.”

A video that exposes what goes on in Deep Equity training includes this shocking statement by Howard: “Teaching…is actually redistributing privilege in the service of social justice.”

This amounts to brainwashing students to believe their country was founded on and remains a nation of white supremacy.  Deep Equity indoctrination is aimed at convincing students that our constitutional republic is evil and must be replaced with something radically different, like Marxist socialism.

At one point in the video, Howard says, “Let’ talk about the founding of our country.  The American dilemma…the good of the many vs the wealth and power of the few.  These ideas were set in stone in 1787.”

Deep Equity also aims to use students as “change agents” with the innocuous-sounding Youth Equity Stewardship (YES).

Remember, ‘equity’ is called ‘the good of the many vs. the wealth and power of the few.’  Shawnee Mission officials seem hell-bent on using staff and students to help them to convert our constitutional republic into socialism.

School districts are using your tax dollars to subvert the minds of children.  Thanksgiving and Christmas meals are just the latest target.  At some point, parents could become the target of canceling if legislators don’t give them a choice in how their children are educated.

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