March 24, 2023

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Tag: Kansas House

KC Star falsely accuses Majority Leader Hawkins to protect Kelly admin

The Kansas City Star this week reaffirmed that it won’t let the truth get in the way of its support…

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Truth in Taxation property tax bill a priority for legislative leaders

The one-day closing session of the 2020 Legislature may bring the passage of the Truth in Taxation property tax bill…

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Senate Medicaid Expansion Committee meeting dates set

A special select committee of Kansas Senators is set to meet on Oct. 22 and Oct. 23 to map out…

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Legislators to attempt override of Kelly vetoes on final day

Kansas Majority Leader Dan Hawkins has spoken to every single Republican House member leading up to the legislature’s final day…

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Windfall tax bill SB 22 headed to Governor’s desk

Lawmakers adopted a bill that would allow taxpayers to keep the savings garnered by last year’s federal tax cuts. Under…

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How Dem House Candidate With 2 DUIs Ceased to Be Gay

For one curious reason, followers of local media did not have to play “Guess the party” when reading about the…

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Shocker: KNEA Withdraws Support of Deaf Candidate in Kansas House Race

One had to give credit where it is due: the KNEA, the Kansas branch of the National Educational Association, has…

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Why Has Deaf Community Turned Against First Deaf Candidate for Kansas House?

As the first deaf candidate for the Kansas House, Chris Haulmark has gotten a lot of media attention, even from…

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Huh? Dem Rep Candidate Lists Same Olathe Address as Sex Offender

Red State, a popular conservative blog, has called attention to an unusual local issue: Democrat Chris Haulmark lists the same…

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Catholic Lobbyist: Electing Republicans Doesn’t Guarantee Religious Liberty

Kansas is a case study in the idea that nothing will be fixed if Christians continue voting for Republicans, writes Michael…

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Lawmakers Forward $500M Education Plan Likely To Require Tax Increases

A committee of lawmakers forwarded a proposal that would increase school funding by about $500 million over the next 5…

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Lawmaker: When Is the Day We Can Discuss Medicaid Expansion?

Democrats in the Kansas House attempted for the fourth time this year to attach a Medicaid expansion to other legislation…

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House Slams Brakes on Banking Bill as Medicaid Expansion Vehicle

Kansas House Minority Leader Jim Ward tried to slip amendments related to Medicaid into legislation dealing with banks yesterday. The…

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Bollier “Horrified” by Senate Delay on Gun Legislation She Would Change

A gun proposal supported by the National Rifle Association and Moms Demand Action is stalled in the Senate. Senate Majority…

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One KS Dem Scored Freedom Index Positive

One Democrat earned a positive score on Kansas Policy Institute’s Freedom Index. Rep. Broderick Henderson of Kansas City, Kansas, earned…

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Kansas Legislature Closes with Something Old, Something New

The Kansas Legislature formally wrapped for the session on its 114th day, Sine Die, but not before finishing two key…

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campus carry

Representative Mentions Weapon, Media Imagines Threat

A Kansas representative tweeted to another that there are 25 people carrying guns in the House Chambers prior to a vote,…

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Conference Committee To Hash Out School Funding Legislation

A conference committee will hash out the differences between Kansas House and Senate school funding legislation. There will not be…

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Brownback veto

House Dems Help Nix New Kansas Tax

By a 68-53 vote the Kansas House rejected a plan to increase taxes, and the Democrats made it all possible. …

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raising taxes

Raising Taxes in Topeka the Easiest Vote

Rep. Chuck Weber is firing back at calls to increase taxes on Kansas families. “Raising taxes like so many are…

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school funding formula

School Funding Formula May Fund All-Day Kindergarten

A Kansas House committee spent hours crafting legislation that adds $750 million in new funding for schools over the next…

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Expanding Medicaid: the Sequel?

Medicaid expansion advocates say they will make another attempt at expanding the program. Public radio reports, “Advocates of expanding Medicaid…

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Kansas Rep Lance Kinzer Featured in Best-Selling “Benedict Option”

In his New York Times review written on the day the book came out three weeks ago, David Brooks called…

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Sam Zeff

What Arm Twisting, KCUR?

KCUR’s Sam Zeff reports that legislators resorted to strong-arm tactics to secure votes for a House K-12 Budget Committee school…

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