February 27, 2024

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Raising Taxes in Topeka the Easiest Vote

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Rep. Chuck Weber is firing back at calls to increase taxes on Kansas families.

“Raising taxes like so many are proposing is the easiest vote anyone here at the Capitol can make,” Weber says in a lengthy video posted to his campaign Facebook page.



“I know you’re probably hearing a lot in the news and from editorial writers about the supposed need to raise taxes,” Weber says in the video. “…Taking hard earned money out of your pocket and giving it to government is serious business.”

Rep. Blake Carpenter posted a similar video to his campaign page.

“Currently, there are efforts underway which would dramatically increase taxes on every Kansan right at the time when our economy is on the rebound,” Carpenter says. “A tax increase would threaten to halt this economic growth and make our state less prosperous.”


Both videos show Rep. Clay Aurand, a Belleville Republican, changing his vote on a bill that would retroactively increase taxes on Kansans earning more than $15,000 per year and members of the House cheering the flip-flop that to override the Governor’s veto of the bill. The Senate fell short of overriding the Governor’s veto.

“Taking your money and giving it to government should never be a reason to celebrate,” Weber says.

Kansas legislators return to Topeka on May 1. Their agenda includes adopting a budget for the next two years, passing a tax plan to pay for it, and drafting a school finance bill that will pass Constitutional muster.


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