June 23, 2024

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Huh? Dem Rep Candidate Lists Same Olathe Address as Sex Offender

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Red State, a popular conservative blog, has called attention to an unusual local issue: Democrat Chris Haulmark lists the same Olathe address on his campaign finance form as a registered sex offender does on his Kansas Bureau of Investigation listing.

The 29-year-old offender, whose name is not Haulmark, was charged with a felony in 2012 when he exposed himself to a 13-year-old girl. Every four months for fifteen years, he has to have a new photo taken and register his address with the KBI. On June 8, 2018. he listed his address as 714 E. 125th Terrace in Olathe.

When Haulmark filled out his Campaign Finance Appointment of Treasurer Form in March 2018, he also listed his address as 714 E. 125th Terrace in Olathe. Red State reproduced both those forms. Figuring the registered sex offender has problems enough, the Sentinel will spare him one more indignity, however much he might deserve it.

Haulmark ran unopposed in the District 15 primary. His November opponent, John Toplikar, ran unopposed in the Republican primary. Although the Sentinel is working under the assumption that there is an innocent explanation for the matching addresses–we have reached out to Haulmark and have yet to hear back–Red State cuts Haulmark no slack.

“All of this points to Haulmark’s poor judgment in not thinking this through when deciding to compete for a state seat,” argues Red State, “so perhaps it’s best for him to be guided back to bench.”

Haulmark may be working under the assumption, generally a safe one, that the media are far less willing to probe into the personal life of a Democrat than a Republican. When Eric Greitens changed parties he was apparently unaware of the new rules.

In the age of the Internet, however, no office seeker can afford to have a skeleton in any closet anywhere, especially if that skeleton is a registered sex offender living under the same roof. The Sentinel will update if and when more information becomes available.


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