May 28, 2023

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Tag: revenue neutral rate

Some Overland Park employees got big raises in 2022

The City of Overland Park last year stuck taxpayers with a 10% property tax hike and now we know that…

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Most elected officials in Sedgwick County propose big property tax hikes

Sedgwick County residents are being hammered by government-spending-induced inflation.  U.S. Census data show the county lost population last year, and…

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Shawnee City Council overrules mayor, staff in property tax increase

A new conservative majority on the Shawnee City Council flexed its muscle and recently approved a cut of two mills…

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Transparency works: 52% of local entities won’t increase property tax

Property tax transparency is working even better than proponents hoped, with 52% of local taxing authorities in Kansas deciding to…

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Overland Park city council won’t be honest with citizens

Last night’s Overland Park revenue neutral hearing showed why Kansans support the new Truth in Taxation law.  Taxpayers are fed…

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Go to RNR hearings and demand lower property tax

There will be a lot of RNR hearings coming in the next four weeks where local officials will try to…

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Truth in Taxation is already saving millions in property tax

Now that local officials have to be honest about the entire property tax increase they impose on residents and businesses,…

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USD 420 Osage City and Osage County may reduce property taxes

If Osage City School Board President Jay Bailey can convince a few other board members, the district may slightly decrease…

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