June 13, 2024

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Tag: private jobs

Flat tax in SB 169 is good for Kansas taxpayers

by Grover Norquist and Dave Trabert It was clear from the very beginning. Despite winning reelection on a message of…

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Kansas lost jobs in April and May, media is silent

You wouldn’t know it from mainstream media, but the latest jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows Kansas…

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Kansas had 65,400 fewer jobs in October

The state of Kansas had 65,400 fewer jobs in October than in February, showing the economic devastation of COVID restrictions…

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7 Kansas counties have more government jobs than private jobs

The Kansas Department of Labor just released data showing seven counties had more government jobs than private-sector workers in the…

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107,000 fewer private jobs since February, state loses 200

Editor’s note: this story was revised on June 23 to reflect Oklahoma as being a locked-down state; we regret the…

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