March 24, 2023

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Tag: Kathleen Sebelius

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Kelly’s bipartisan pretensions are contradicted by record veto numbers

Governor Laura Kelly is attempting to position herself as a moderate, bipartisan governor to get re-elected, but her veto record…

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Kathleen Sebelius: no freedom for the unvaccinated

Former Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius thinks people who choose not to get the COVID vaccine should be prevented from going…

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CATO Institute gives Gov. Kelly a ‘D’ for fiscal policy

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly ranks near the bottom in the class of America’s governors, according to a new report issued…

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School boards still diverting money to Schools for Fair Funding

Kansas school districts continue to pump money into Schools for Fair Funding, a coalition of school districts that successfully sued…

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Do 3 Kansas Health Nonprofits Know They’re Paying Missouri Team to Smear Kobach?

In a Monday article the Sentinel asked, “Who Is Paying for the Kansas News Service to Slander Kobach?” What inspired…

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Senator Seeks to Require Confirmation for Lt. Governor Appointee

Gov. Jeff Colyer will name a lieutenant governor in the coming weeks, but there isn’t a specific timeline for naming…

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Kansas Supreme Court Ruling on Abortion Expected Soon

The Kansas Supreme Court may soon issue a ruling on whether the 1859 Kansas Constitution allows lawmakers to ban any…

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Former Kansas Gov. Sebelius Unloads on Clintons

Former Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius endorsed Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in glowing terms in 2016, but Sebelius is singing…

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KC Star Fails To Add Context to Report on State Services

The Kansas City Star published an expose on the shrinking size of state government without providing accurate context. “A review…

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KS Lawmakers, Former Govs Weigh in on Tax Negotiations

Kansas lawmakers are attempting to thread a needle on a tax proposal that will gain Gov. Brownback’s support or garner…

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