May 21, 2024

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Kathleen Sebelius: no freedom for the unvaccinated

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Former Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius thinks people who choose not to get the COVID vaccine should be prevented from going to work or anywhere else.  No freedom to choose; just stay in your home with the lights off, shades drawn, until the government gives you the green light.

Welcome to Havana, Kansas, comrades.

Sebelius made her imperial thoughts known in a friendly interview yesterday on CNN, according to RealClearPolitics.

“I think that it’s time to say to those folks, it’s fine. If you don’t choose to get vaccinated, you may not come to work. You may not have access to a situation where you’re going to put my grandchildren in jeopardy where you might kill them or you might put them in a situation where they’re going to carry the virus to someone in a high-risk position.”

Sebelius went on to say, “So I think we’re reaching that point in the United States for those of us who are vaccinated. I want to take off my mask. I want to be able to live my life with vaccination. And I’m being impinged on by people who say, I don’t want to get vaccinated. It’s fine, but I want them to maybe have a limitation on where they can go and who they can possibly infect.”

Last year, Sebelius was calling on people to follow the science, but her new attitude completely ignores science.

She wants people to be vaccinated so they won’t infect people who have been vaccinated.  But if she believes the vaccine works, why should the unvaccinated be locked up?  And if the vaccine doesn’t protect you from unvaccinated people, why order people to get it?

This isn’t to say that people shouldn’t get the vaccination or anything about its efficacy.  It is simply calling out a tyrant who wants to strip people of their right to choose.

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