March 25, 2023

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Tag: Steve Morris

3-legged stool scheme sets up a $1 billion income tax hike

Governor Kelly and her tax council say a balanced 3-legged stool theory, with equal amounts of income, sales, and property tax…

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Tax reform council focuses on paying for more spending

Tax reform is usually associated with attempts to reduce taxes, but the first day of hearings at Kansas Governor Laura…

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Kelly stacks tax council with state spending advocates

Gov. Laura Kelly established the Governor’s Council on Tax Reform, a group that will study and make tax recommendations to…

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Senator with major role in Brownback tax plan appointed co-chair of Gov. Kelly’s tax reform council

The Kansas tax reform legislation of 2012 is often called ‘the Brownback Tax Plan’, but in some circles, it’s called…

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Ethics-Challenged Chief Justice Lectures Troops on Ethics

The Kansas Supreme Court Chief Justice, Lawton Nuss, lectured about 35 military legal specialists on ethics via video conference. The…

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