March 25, 2023

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Tag: Stand Up Blue Valley

Hypocritical hissy fits from SUBV, Game On over 1776 Project endorsements

They didn’t object when Democrats Laura Kelly, Sharice Davids, and Barbara Bollier got financial backing from out-of-state donors.  But Stand…

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Stand Up Blue Valley stands for mediocrity and bureaucracy

Stand Up Blue Valley likes to portray its leaders as “concerned parents” but their actions show they exist to support…

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Another false spending claim from Stand Up Blue Valley

A Facebook post falsely claiming that operating spending per student was $9,098 in the 2020 school year is the latest…

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More school funding deception from Stand Up Blue Valley

A recent Facebook post by Stand Up Blue Valley is another good example of advocacy groups placing a higher priority…

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Stand Up Blue Valley: fund systems, not students

The Kansas House of Representatives just approved legislation to give academically challenged students a chance for a better education, and…

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Stand Up Blue Valley: Institution before Students

On its Facebook page, Stand Up Blue Valley, touted the positions of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, one of the U.S. Senate’s ultra-liberal…

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