December 3, 2023

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Stand Up Blue Valley: Institution before Students

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On its Facebook page, Stand Up Blue Valley, touted the positions of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, one of the U.S. Senate’s ultra-liberal members.

Stand Up Blue Valley is a group of concerned parents and patrons in the Blue Valley School District. The organization worked to oust conservative members of the Kansas House and Senate during the 2016 election, and now they’re attempting to derail President Donald Trump’s nominee for U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, a proponent of school choice initiatives.

“Senator Elizabeth Warren is one of the members of the committee that will vote on the nomination of the Education Secretary, who we strongly oppose as unqualified and against public education,” the Facebook page reads. The group took to social media to ask members to call Sen. Pat Roberts before DeVos’ confirmation hearing even began.

The organization formally opposes voucher programs, despite research that suggests voucher programs may improve student outcomes–and not just for the students using the programs. For example, an Education Research Alliance for New Orleans analysis showed positive academic gains after two for students participating in Louisiana’s voucher program. The analysis also revealed that the voucher program may have slightly increased students’ math scores in public schools, “particularly those most affected by the competitive threat.” The program also reduced racial segregation.

With its tweet and Facebook statuses, Stand Up Blue Valley has shown its hand. The organization’s agenda isn’t dedicated to improving student outcomes. Stand Up Blue Valley exists to promote the institution of public schools, regardless of how their students fare.







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