December 5, 2023

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Tag: Ron Estes

Biden bailout (unconstitutionally) prohibits state tax cuts or rebates

Buried on page 579 of the $1.9 trillion so-called stimulus bill is a provision that prohibits state tax cuts between…

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H.R. 1: ‘For the People’ Act is really for the politicians

Billed as the “For the People” act, recently passed H.R. 1 claims to protect election integrity and expand access to…

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Gov. Kelly withholds federal COVID funds from localities

The National League of Cities reported this week that Kansas is one of thirty-two states that are withholding federal COVID…

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Spirit Aerosystems lays off 2,800 workers in Wichita

Spirit Aerosystems announced layoffs of 2,800 employees at the company’s Wichita location. The layoffs are the impact of Boeing’s suspension…

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Political Report Theorizes Risks for 2 KS Congressional Incumbents

The Cook Political Report, a newsletter than analyzes elections and campaigns, theorizes that Congressmen Kevin Yoder and Ron Estes may…

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Estes on Tax Reform: Comparisons of KS Reform to Federal Reform Inaccurate

Comparing Kansas tax reform to federal efforts at a tax code overhaul is comparing apples to giraffes, because the two…

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TIME Paints All Republicans, Estes with Trump-Love Brush

A President Trump tweet denouncing an NBC News report drew sharp rebukes from several Republicans, but some, including Kansas’ Ron Estes,…

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Analyst Breaks from National Media on Estes Race

While the mainstream media calls Ron Estes’ win in Kansas’ Fourth Congressional District a narrow miss for Republicans, at least…

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Brownback Names KS Sen. Jake LaTurner State Treasurer

Sen. Jake LaTurner will replace Ron Estes as the Kansas State Treasurer. Gov. Sam Brownback announced the appointment this morning…

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James A. Thompson

Wichita’s Thompson a Registered Republican Until 2016

James A. Thompson, the Democrat running to replace Mike Pompeo in the U.S. Congress hasn’t been a Democrat for long. He…

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Media Suggests Tight Race between Estes, Thompson

The National Republican Congressional Campaign is pouring last-minute money into the special election to replace former Congressman Mike Pompeo. Kansas…

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Leftist Organizations Stage Controversy

Leftist organizations in Wichita hosted a forum for candidates vying to replace Mike Pompeo in the U.S. Congress. The Democratic…

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