May 20, 2024

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Spirit Aerosystems lays off 2,800 workers in Wichita

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Spirit Aerosystems announced layoffs of 2,800 employees at the company’s Wichita location. The layoffs are the impact of Boeing’s suspension of production of the 737 MAX. According to Spirit AeroSystems, work on 737 MAX makes up 50% of Spirits revenue. Boeing’s halt of manufacturing the 737 MAX could have severe consequences in the Air Capital.

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly released a statement Friday afternoon regarding the layoffs.

“I’ve been in constant communication with local, state and federal officials as the state prepares to assist Spirit, its workers and affected businesses in the supply chain,” Governor Kelly said.  “I have directed an all-hands-on-deck approach across state government to help workers, Spirit and other Kansas businesses that will be negatively impacted connect with every available resource, and with an emphasis on long-term support.”

Kelly appointed Kansas Labor Secretary Delia Garcia to coordinate the state’s response to the Spirit Aerosystems layoffs.

Back in December Governor Laura Kelly in an interview with the Wichita Eagle said the state may “have to” backfill Spirit employee pay if Spirit reduced employee hours, meaning the state would make up the difference to employees. In light of today’s announcement, The Sentinel asked what sort of back-fill could take place with these layoffs, but did not receive a response to our questions.

Kansas Congressman Ron Estes whose district covers Wichita also responded to the layoffs.

“I have had numerous discussions with the Trump administration, the FAA, the governor, Boeing and other stakeholders about the impact these furloughs will have on employees at Spirit and various other industry suppliers throughout our region.”

Estes’ statement aside, there is no indication of whether the Trump administration will get involved.

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