March 27, 2023

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Tag: Johnson County Board of Commissioners

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JOCO Commission Chair Mike Kelly acts to restrict public access to meetings

Incoming Chairman of the Johnson County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) Mike Kelly has announced changes to public access and comment…

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Charter Commission chair cancels meeting, six members stay to listen to public

A formal public hearing before the Johnson County Charter Commission ended abruptly last night, but a handful of its 25-members…

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Hanzlick seeks to appoint, rather than elect, JoCo Sheriff

Johnson County Charter Commissioners are likely to debate whether to make the sheriff an appointed role rather than an elected…

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Attorneys say school districts can opt out of mask mandate

Johnson County’s Legal Director, an attorney in private practice, and arguably a State Attorney General opinion all say school districts…

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JoCo eliminates public comment for Dec. 3 meeting

Johnson County commissioners will not permit verbal public comment at their next board meeting. Instead, the commission will meet by…

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JoCo ignores resident pleas, adopts tighter COVID restrictions

Bars and restaurants in Johnson County must close by midnight beginning Monday. That’s part of the decision of a divided…

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Johnson County violates state law on ‘dark store’ claims

A September 2019 ruling from the Kansas Board of Tax Appeals (BOTA) admonished the Johnson County Appraiser’s Office for illegally…

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KS tax board shoots down Johnson County ‘dark store theory’

The Kansas Board of Tax Appeals (BOTA) issued another ruling against Johnson County’s controversial ‘dark store theory’ justification to dramatically…

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Dark Store Showdown: Executives Back Bus over JoCo Tax Assessments

Dark Store Showdown: Executives Back Bus over JoCo Tax Assessments Johnson County is ground zero in “dark store theory” controversy, an ongoing legal…

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KS Lawmakers Receive Input through Legislative Agendas

As Kansas lawmakers kick off the 2018 legislative session, they’ll be inundated with a number or legislative platforms from cities,…

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JoCo Commissioners Sound off on Not Renewing County Manager’s Contract

A divided Johnson County Board of Commissioners declined to renew the contract of county manager Hannes Zacharias last week. Contract…

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JoCo Commission Retires County Manager

The Board of County Commissioners declined to renew the contract of Johnson County Manager Hannes Zacharias on Thursday. The board…

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Parks Board Chair, JCCC Board Candidate Violates KOMA, AG Determines

Paul Snider violated the Kansas Open Meetings Act, the Kansas Attorney General’s Office announced last week. Snider is the chair…

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