March 27, 2023

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Tag: flat tax

Kansas Reflector makes false claims on flat tax, ESAs

The Kansas City Star earlier this month deceived readers about education, and now the Kansas Reflector is making false claims…

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More efficient spending keeps taxes low in other states

Every state provides the same basket of services, but some of them have an efficient spending mentality and that allows…

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KC Star, KU prof consciously deceive Kansans on the flat tax

Tony Botello, the self-described ‘left-leaning’ brain behind the Tony’s KC blog, describes the Kansas City Star’s latest resurrection of the…

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Mississippi becomes third state this year to move to flat tax

While Governor Kelly’s handpicked Tax Council recommends adding a fourth income tax bracket as suggested by her Council on Racial…

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Senate Torpedoes Flat Tax Proposal

Senators torpedoed a flat tax bill that would have created one, 4.6 percent income tax rate. Members of the Senate…

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Governor Blesses Senate Flat Tax Proposal

Gov. Sam Brownback told Senate leadership he would support a flat tax proposal. A flat tax bill in the Kansas…

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Flat Tax Proposal Headed to House Floor

The Kansas House will consider a flat tax. The proposal increases taxes across the board to 5 percent. Currently, single Kansans are…

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