March 24, 2023

Keeping Media and Government Accountable.

Tag: education savings accounts

Kansas Values Institute doesn’t value honesty

Kansas Values Institute, which says it promotes “traditional Kansas values,” must not think that Kansans value honesty. An email blast…

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Kansas Reflector makes false claims on flat tax, ESAs

The Kansas City Star earlier this month deceived readers about education, and now the Kansas Reflector is making false claims…

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McClatchy, Iorio collude to keep kids uneducated

One-third of public school students in Kansas cannot read or do math at grade level, and the McClatchy newspapers and…

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State school board member Ann Mah chooses systems over students in school choice debate

When school officials talk about education in general or school choice in particular, their focus is almost exclusively on what…

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K-12 officials: choice for the system, not for students

“Today we’ve have heard about ways to give kids more choice and what we have received back would be all…

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State Treasurer Lynn Rogers deceives taxpayers on ESA programs

State Treasurer Lynn Rogers, a Wichita Democrat, recently took a hard stance against legislation that would expand educational opportunities for…

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KS education lobby attacks opportunity – Part 3, KASB

The Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB), the taxpayer-funded lobbying arm of local school boards, this week renewed their opposition…

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