June 8, 2023

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Tag: Amy Cawvey

Recall effort underway for Leavenworth school board member Vanessa Reid

Opponents of first-term Leavenworth USD 453 school board member Vanessa Reid have launched a recall effort against her, accusing her…

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Lansing parent wins school curriculum challenge

Kirsten Workman, the Lansing mom who withdrew her 12th-grade daughter from an English Composition class over content she found objectionable…

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Lansing parent addresses BOE with content, curriculum concerns

Kirsten Workman, who withdrew her daughter from high school English class over her concerns its content focused more on Critical…

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Lansing school board member: CRT is taught in Kansas

Education officials insist that the tenets of critical race theory are not being taught in Kansas and other states, but…

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Leavenworth Co. superintendents reluctant to discuss property tax with county

Leavenworth County commissioners sought a meeting with public school superintendents and school board members to discuss property tax and mil…

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CRT debate intensifies as school officials argue no one teaches it

Debates about teaching critical race theory in Kansas schools boil across the state and the nation. However, officials at the…

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