May 24, 2024

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Lansing school board member: CRT is taught in Kansas

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Education officials insist that the tenets of critical race theory are not being taught in Kansas and other states, but a new survey of young adults indicates otherwise.  A Lansing, Kansas school board member confirms the theory is being taught in her district and calls for greater parental involvement to guide what students are learning.

The City Journal surveyed 1,505 Americans aged 18 to 20, who are either still in high school or recently graduated. They were asked if they had ever been taught, or heard about from an adult in school, each of six concepts; four of which are central to CRT:

  • America is a systematically racist country
  • In America, white people have white privilege
  • In America, white people have unconscious biases that negatively affect non-white people
  • America is built on stolen land
  • America is a patriarchal society
  • Gender is an identity choice, regardless of the biological sex you were born into

Results indicate a majority, rising to two-thirds, reported either being taught or hearing about these concepts from an adult at school.

For example, 36% say they have been taught that America is a systematically racist country, and 26% say they’ve heard that from an adult in school.  51% say they have been taught or heard that gender is an identity choice.

Researchers Zachary Goldberg and Eric Kaufmann conclude:

“Critical race and gender theory is endemic in American schools. The vast majority of children are being taught radical CSJ concepts that affect their view of white people, their country, the relationship between gender and sex, and public policy. For those inclined toward a colorblind and reality-based ideal, these findings should serve as a wakeup call. Unless voters, parents, and governments act, these illiberal and unscientific ideas will spread more widely, and will replace traditional American liberal nationalism with an identity-based cultural socialism.”

CRT in USD 469 Lansing

Lansing USD 469 board member Amy Cawvey issues a warning about the teaching of CRT and calls for more parental involvement in curriculum decisions:

“The Left loves to say Critical Race Theory is not taught in schools, that it isn’t in the Kansas state standards, and that it is a course taught in law school. The truth is, although there is not a class or curriculum called CRT, it is sometimes embedded in just about any subject matter depending on the teacher and if the desire is there to do so.

“There is great latitude that teachers have, especially in ELA grades 6 through 12, but in other subject areas too. Some districts have even incorporated race-based personal development for teachers. We had some of that training in our district, but thanks to our passing of the Parents Bill of Rights, that is no longer allowed. We also had a “social justice” club that took place during school hours, taught by a teacher and materials paid for by the district. Books included were those by Ibram Kendhi and a book titled This Book is Anti-Racist, which is pure CRT.  Before being elected, I brought that book to the attention of the school board as the previous school board was about to release an official statement that Critical Race Theory is not taught in Lansing. With our newly elected conservative majority board, those books and the club are no longer at Lansing.

“There have been other instances, and now with our Parents Bill of Rights, parents know the path to challenge when they occur. If you think this is not happening in your district, you are wrong.  There are many good teachers, and we appreciate them, but there are some who want to be activists in the classroom, and plenty of companies wanting to sell books and materials to accommodate them.  I hope other school boards will pass their own Parents Bill of Rights because even if we can not get it done at the state level it can be accomplished locally in your district.”

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