May 18, 2024

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Tag: WalletHub

Study shows Kansas tax burden is the 12th highest in the nation

While taxpayers await another threatened veto of tax relief, a new analysis shows Kansas has the 12th highest tax burden…

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Educational inequality creates economic inequality in Kansas

Kansas ranks in the bottom half of states in educational equality, which an economist says is directly related to the…

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Kansas ranks near the bottom of real personal income growth

A report last week from the Bureau of Economic Analysis shows Kansas ranks near the bottom of states in real…

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Kansas ranked in bottom 5 for its state and local tax rates

Kansas ranks in the bottom five of states in tax liability according to a WalletHub study. “Kansas did pretty poorly,”…

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Kansas Ranks 5th for Doctors; Missouri 27th

Kansas is a great state for doctors, according to a WalletHub, a consumer credit website. Using 14 metrics, WalletHub analysts…

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