February 27, 2024

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Tag: Shawnee

Fake Indian tribes bilk millions from taxpayers

“Pretendians” — like the three University of Kansas professors whose claims to be members of Indian tribes have recently been…

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City of Shawnee votes to make housing more expensive

While the Legislature and Governor Laura Kelly were working in a bipartisan fashion to address issues with affordable rural housing,…

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Eye-opening 2020 pay increases for some JoCo employees

The COVID pandemic was tough on everyone, but the 2020 pay increases for some Johnson County government workers were pretty…

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Voters to decide on Shawnee community center tax increase

Voters will soon be deciding whether property taxes should be increased to pay for a $38 million Shawnee community center.…

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Kobach Not Intimidated By “Snowflake Meltdown” Over Replica Gun

“Had a blast riding in the Old Shawnee Days Parade in this souped up jeep with a replica gun,” Republican…

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Accused Learning It Doesn’t Pay to Rob a Kansas Gun Store

The first of the four defendants to go on trial in the fatal 2015 shooting of Jon Bieker, proprietor of…

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