March 29, 2023

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Tag: schools

Kansas is #32 in educational racial equality, belying officials’ anti-racism claims

Kansas is the 32nd-worst state in the nation for racial equality, showing once again school officials’ alleged devotion to ending…

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Gardner School Board member deceives on remote learning

One Gardner-Edgerton Schoolboard member has made the claim on social media that the Kansas Legislature has made it impossible to…

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Leavenworth Dems get school board candidate fired, call state rep ‘Nazi’

A candidate for school board in Leavenworth and a sitting state representative have found themselves the target of “Cancel Culture.”…

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Oklahoma new educator symposium blasts cops, white women

As the Sentinel has been reporting for several weeks now, Critical Race Theory — disguised as “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,”…

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Evidence of critical race theory in Olathe schools

Just as Kansas Education Commissioner Randy Watson argued to the State Board of Education that Critical Race Theory is not…

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State Board of Ed slaps down executive order delaying school opening

In a stunning rebuke Wednesday, the Kansas State Board of Education declined to ratify Kansas Governor Laura Kelly’s executive order…

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