May 20, 2024

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Kansas loses private sector jobs while adding government jobs

Through the first seven months of 2023, seasonally adjusted numbers show Kansas has lost 2,700 private sector jobs, while adding…

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Kansas adds government jobs, loses private employment in April

Kansas already ranks as the second-most over-governed state in the nation, behind only Wyoming as the state with the most…

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Cell phone tracking system raises privacy concerns for Kansans

The Kansas Justice Institute on Wednesday warned of potential privacy issues surrounding the use of data from a cell phone…

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Lawmakers face call to grow government with higher tax revenue

The group that creates budget estimates for the state of Kansas revised its tax revenue numbers last week, estimating the…

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Kansas ranked in bottom 5 for its state and local tax rates

Kansas ranks in the bottom five of states in tax liability according to a WalletHub study. “Kansas did pretty poorly,”…

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Plaintiffs to lawmakers: school funding increase falls short

Less than an hour after lawmakers adopted a school funding plan to add $90 million to public schools next year,…

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Medicaid expansion advocates, opponents differ on cost of program

Medicaid expansion could cost the state more than $50 million next year and up to a half billion over the…

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Senate Republicans Prioritize Returning Trump Windfall to Taxpayers

Senate Republicans are poised to debate and pass legislation that would direct the Trump windfall back to Kansas taxpayers, but…

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