February 27, 2024

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Tag: religious freedom

Dodge City BOE hangs national motto in buildings

Students in Dodge City, Kansas, next year will be seeing the national motto hanging in their buildings. On June 13,…

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HS football coach wins Supreme Court decision on post-game prayer

The U. S. Supreme Court delivered its second decision in a week upholding religious freedom by siding with high school…

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Kelly’s bipartisan pretensions are contradicted by record veto numbers

Governor Laura Kelly is attempting to position herself as a moderate, bipartisan governor to get re-elected, but her veto record…

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8th circuit court accepts appeal of religious freedom case

In what is at least a short-term victory, a lawsuit by the College of the Ozarks will move forward after…

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Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Missouri Church in 7-2 Decision

Lost in the hubbub about the lifting of President Trump’s travel ban was a more far reaching Supreme Court decision on…

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Gov. Brownback May Become Ambassador for Religious Freedom

World Magazine, a highly respected Christian publication, says today that Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback may be the next ambassador-at-large for…

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