February 26, 2024

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Tag: Prairie Village

Prairie Village, other JoCo residents reject expensive taxpayer-funded community center

Prairie Village Mayor Eric Mikkelson and most City Council members are promoting a new taxpayer-funded community center that would replace…

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Prairie Village wants to strip homeowners of property rights and won’t answer questions

Discussions on changing zoning regulations to to strip homeowners of property rights to increase the supply of more affordable housing…

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Kansas Open Records exemption allows elected officials to avoid scrutiny

Changes to the Kansas Open Records Act intended to close a loophole preventing the use of private emails to circumvent…

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Prairie Village diversity commitment seems only skin deep

Prairie Village, Kansas — an affluent suburb of Kansas City — claims to prize diversity. In fact, the city government…

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Tracking resident, business carbon footprint raises privacy issue

Prairie Village residents and businesses can monitor their own and their neighbor’s alleged carbon footprint on the city website, and…

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Johnson County officials push CRT with your tax dollars

It’s no secret that Johnson County schools are indoctrinating kids with the tenets of critical race theory, but now a…

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Prairie Village officials cause housing to be less affordable

Every time a government entity creates or contributes to a problem, the proposed solution is inevitably more government.  The City…

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Mission Hills resident Dwight Sutherland assaulted over Trump signs

Prairie Village Police are investigating an aggravated assault with a motor vehicle after an alleged altercation injured Dwight Sutherland in…

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