February 21, 2024

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Lansing parent addresses BOE with content, curriculum concerns

Kirsten Workman, who withdrew her daughter from high school English class over her concerns its content focused more on Critical…

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School Choice advocates hope wins in West Virginia, Arizona, encourage Kansas legislature

School Choice supporters in Kansas are applauding a pair of recent victories in West Virginia and Arizona that they hope…

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Lansing school board implements a Parents Bill of Rights

On June 13, 2022, the Lansing, Kansas, Board of Education did what the Kansas Legislature was unable to do, passing…

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Kelly’s bipartisan pretensions are contradicted by record veto numbers

Governor Laura Kelly is attempting to position herself as a moderate, bipartisan governor to get re-elected, but her veto record…

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House fails to override Kelly’s veto of civil rights bills

The Kansas House of Representatives failed on April 28, 2022, to override Governor Laura Kelly’s veto of two civil rights…

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Masterson vows override efforts on PBR, fairness vetoes

Senate President Ty Masterson criticized Governor Laura Kelly’s vetoes of the Parents’ Bill of Rights, Fairness in Women’s Sports Act,…

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Open Enrollment bill narrowly approved in House

Kansas K-12 students will be able to transfer and attend any school district in the state, depending on capacity limitations,…

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Kansas Senate passes ‘Parents Bill of Rights’

The “Parents Bill of Rights” and school curriculum transparency legislation passed the Kansas Senate Tuesday 24-15. However the bill –…

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18 Kansas teachers pledge to teach CRT tenets

Against a backdrop of schools oppose curriculum transparency and Parents Bill of Rights legislation, comes a reminder that 18 Kansas…

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Olathe super continues dodging questions about DEI, 1619 Project

Olathe school officials last year said they purged the school website of DEI resources and links, but the widely-debunked 1619…

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KC Star makes false accusations on Parents Bill of Rights

Yesterday, a Kansas City Star article alleging that the Parents Bill of Rights legislative hearings wasn’t fair to transparency opponents…

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School officials oppose Parents’ Bill of Rights, transparency

A Parents Bill of Rights guaranteeing transparency and to be informed and involved in their children’s K-12 education was the…

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