September 22, 2023

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Tag: open enrollment

School Choice advocates hope wins in West Virginia, Arizona, encourage Kansas legislature

School Choice supporters in Kansas are applauding a pair of recent victories in West Virginia and Arizona that they hope…

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Open Enrollment, other education reforms signed into law by governor

Beginning in 2024, open enrollment will permit any Kansas student to transfer schools, based on the receiving school’s capacity, following…

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Tax, education issues await legislators’ return this month

The Kansas Legislature returns on April 25th with a host of issues awaiting its attention and that of the governor.…

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Open Enrollment bill narrowly approved in House

Kansas K-12 students will be able to transfer and attend any school district in the state, depending on capacity limitations,…

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K-12 officials: choice for the system, not for students

“Today we’ve have heard about ways to give kids more choice and what we have received back would be all…

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