June 9, 2023

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Interstate compact could bring out-of-state teachers to fill Kansas vacancies, state board hesitates

An interstate compact that would recognize teacher licenses from other states and alleviate the classroom instructor shortage is stalled in…

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NCTQ: Most Kansas university programs don’t effectively teach science of reading

Only a third of colleges and universities in Kansas are effectively teaching the science of reading, according to a new…

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NCTQ: Kansas doesn’t evaluate teachers or principals on student performance

A new study from the National Council of Teacher Quality (NCTQ) says Kansas is one of several states that no…

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Transparency on teacher success rates could produce more effective teachers

Not all teaching programs are created equal and the lack of transparency on the preparedness of future teachers attending university…

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NCTQ: Better teacher prep programs would produce more effective teachers

For every four elementary teacher candidates, only two will demonstrate a reasonable grasp of the content they will teach. The…

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