September 22, 2023

Keeping Media and Government Accountable.

Tag: Mary Pilcher-Cook

Disinformation targets Julia Lynn, other female GOP senators

Parts 1 and 2 of this investigative series disputed the Topeka Capital-Journal’s misleading conflict of interest allegations against Senator Julia…

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Medicaid expansion plan would hike cigarette taxes, raise fees

Over the last two days, members of the Senate Select Committee on Healthcare Access noodled on details of a Medicaid…

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State lawmakers unlikely to take up gun control measures

In the wake of mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso, Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly says it’s time to enact…

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Record 18 legislators score above 90% on 2019 Kansas Freedom Index

Eighteen Kansas House and Senate members scored better than 90% on the 2019 Kansas Freedom Index, besting the previous high of…

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Veto override of SB 22 could begin tomorrow

It will be close if the legislature votes on whether to overturn Gov. Laura Kelly’s override of SB 22, and…

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Toland nomination to Commerce Secretary off to rocky start

A second nominee of Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly, David Toland, is under attack for social media postings. State senators questioned…

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Education Study a ‘$200K Birdcage Liner’, Lawmaker Says

Lawmakers are balking at an education study that recommends spending up to an additional $1.77 billion on school funding. Lori…

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AG’s Office: State Law Does Not Allow KSDE to Set Minimum Transportation Funding

State law doesn’t allow the Kansas State Department of Education to allocate a minimum amount of funding for transportation, Kansas…

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ACLU Bullies Kansas State Senator for Managing Her Own Facebook Page

The ACLU has historically talked a good game about free speech, but the organization has been notoriously selective in challenging…

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freedom index

KPI Freedom Index Shows the Most Pro-Government Legislators to Be Republicans

Republicans hold the top and bottom slots in Kansas Policy Institute’s Freedom Index. Each year since 2012, KPI has rated…

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Senate Torpedoes Flat Tax Proposal

Senators torpedoed a flat tax bill that would have created one, 4.6 percent income tax rate. Members of the Senate…

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Governor Blesses Senate Flat Tax Proposal

Gov. Sam Brownback told Senate leadership he would support a flat tax proposal. A flat tax bill in the Kansas…

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Senate Tax Proposal

Pressure from Tax Increase Opponents Stymies Senate Tax Proposal

The Kansas Senate is at a stand still, and Senate leadership says there will be no more debate on other…

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Senate Republicans Reach Consensus on Tax Package? Not So Fast

The Kansas Senate Committee on Assessment and Taxation will hold a hearing next week on a proposal that would eliminate…

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