October 2, 2023

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Tag: Linda Terrill

Supreme Court refers ‘big box’ property tax case to Board of Tax Appeals

The Kansas Supreme Court today released its opinion on Johnson County’s appeal on Walmart property tax valuations dealing with so-called…

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Dark store theory: counties break the law, threaten residential property tax hike

Even the name — dark store theory — sounds ominous. With the willing participation of local media, some local officials…

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Johnson County loses another ‘dark store theory’ court case

The Kansas Court of Appeals issued yet another ruling against Johnson County’s “dark store” justification for increasing property taxes on…

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Kelly nominee may legislate from the bench to raise property tax

Johnson County Commission Chairman Ed Eilert and Rep. Stephanie Clayton, an Overland Park Democrat, have called on Kansas Governor Laura…

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71% of property tax appeals reduced excessive valuations

Many Kansans believe their property is overvalued by the county assessor, and the results of property tax appeals before the…

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In latest ‘dark store’ salvo, assessors organization redefines appraisal term

updated August 22 The International Association of Assessing Officers’ (IAAO) board of directors is seeking to redefine the meaning of…

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KS tax board shoots down Johnson County ‘dark store theory’

The Kansas Board of Tax Appeals (BOTA) issued another ruling against Johnson County’s controversial ‘dark store theory’ justification to dramatically…

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