March 29, 2023

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Tag: Kansas schools

State school board may sue the Legislature to protect its authority

The Kansas State Board of Education intends to put lawmakers on notice that its members wield constitutional authority. Calling themselves…

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CDC, KS school board issue stringent school opening guidance

The Center for Disease Control and the Kansas State Department of Education issued new, stringent school opening guidance week, but…

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Parents, students tell lawmakers remote learning is hurting students

Hybrid and remote learning is taking a toll on Kansas students, parents and kids told the House K-12 budget committee…

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Heritage Foundation: parents deserve a refund from school closure

While many taxpayers and businesses are suffering — and failing — under the lash of the COVID-19 closures, school districts…

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Florida education reform film coming to Kansas

Florida students are making gains in reading and math at a faster rate than the national average as well as…

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Even with $2.1 Billion School Cash Infusion, Some Kansas Districts Would Lose Big

A cost study recommends adding $2.1 billion in new funding to public schools, but despite the overall influx of new…

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KASB Uses Taxpayer Money to Lobby Against Obamacare Changes

The Kansas Association of School Boards is weighing in on proposed changes to Obamacare. In a KASB newsletter, the school…

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Signs of K-12 Education Overspending Abound

There’s a possibility that some public schools spend more than necessary. Though that sort of blasphemy is rarely discussed in polite…

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Kansas Schools Earn D Grade in Student Achievement

Kansas public schools earn a D grade in achievement levels, according to Education Week. The source of education news grades states…

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