July 20, 2024

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Tag: Jonathan Williams

Kansas falls farther behind in annual Rich States, Poor States report

Kansas’ mediocre economic growth over the last decade, coupled with a domestic-migration population loss over the same period, has driven…

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RSPS: Kansas is in bottom half of state economic performance

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly ranks in the bottom half of governors nationally, but according to the American Legislative Exchange Council,…

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Report: Kelly ranks in bottom half of governors nationally

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly ranks 27th out of all 50 state governors according to a new report from the American…

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Rich States, Poor States: Kansas is #39

Just a few years ago, Kansas was ranked #20 in economic performance in the annual Rich States, Poor States publication…

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Media selective reporting could set up your next tax increase

When was the last time you saw a Kansas newspaper or TV station publish bad news about economic conditions in…

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New Study Suggests that Tax Increases and Worker’s Compensation Impact Kansas Economy

The annual Rich States, Poor States reports from the American Legislative Exchange Council came out this week. Kansas slipped in…

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Kansas’s economic outlook falls to bottom half nationally, annual study suggests

Kansas, once ranked in the top 15 in the annual Rich States, Poor States study, dropped to 27th place this…

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Study: KPERS Funding Relies on High Returns

State pensions funding is one of those topics that no one pays attention to until there is not any. Yet,…

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