December 3, 2023

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Johnson County policy raises 1st Amendment issues

Last week the Johnson County Commission adopted a new policy that raises serious 1st Amendment issues.  It was added as…

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Big pay increases for JoCo employees mean tax hikes for residents

While the “pronoun pins” the Johnson County government recently purchased are a fairly minor cost to the taxpayers, the big…

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Constitutional amendment on November ballot would preserve sheriff elections

The second constitutional amendment before Kansas voters on November 8th proposes to maintain election as the method of selecting Kansas…

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JOCO Commissioner Hanzlick tweet labels opponent “extremist”

The race for 4th District Johnson County Commissioner has taken on a more personal tone with a tweet by incumbent…

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JOCO commissioner Allenbrand action raises transparency questions

A meeting called by Johnson County commissioner Shirley Allenbrand in which another commissioner was disinvited and other stakeholders advised not…

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Commissioner says JoCo work sessions should be more open

The Johnson County Board of Commissioners broadcast business meetings live, public comment is usually invited, and the meetings are in…

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Mike Brown: County commission needs more transparency

Johnson County Commissioner Mike Brown will ask the county commission to be more transparent after members of the public have…

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CDC: Kansas COVID deaths have average 2.7 comorbidities

The vast majority of deaths reported due to coronavirus involved patients with multiple underlying conditions, or comorbidities, the CDC reported…

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JoCo Commissioners Sound off on Not Renewing County Manager’s Contract

A divided Johnson County Board of Commissioners declined to renew the contract of county manager Hannes Zacharias last week. Contract…

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