March 30, 2023

Keeping Media and Government Accountable.

Tag: Garden City

Finney County sales tax isn’t providing property tax relief

The ¼ cent sales tax that was pitched to Finney County voters isn’t living up to its promised “property tax…

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Garden City, Finney County employee pay increases

The 2020 calendar year payroll listings posted to for Garden City and Finney County show some unusual compensation increases.…

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Cecil O’Brate: the quiet, humble ‘Titan’ of southwest Kansas

In southwestern Kansas there is a man who came from humble beginnings, worked hard, and became wealthy.  He never forgot…

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What Media Aren’t Saying About Garden City Bomb Plot

“The plot to bomb an apartment complex housing Somali immigrants in western Kansas was just the beginning of a plan…

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Absentee, Party-Switcher Sen. Doll Escapes Consequences

Sen. John Doll announced he would be leaving the Kansas Republican Party on March 6, and then he promptly stopped showing…

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Kansas Refugee Specialist Complains Vetting Process Now “Onerous”

Jessica Stephenson, a program specialist who coordinates refugee resettlement in Kansas, complained at a refugee forum in Garden City on…

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