May 21, 2024

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Tag: Gannon v. Kansas

House Speaker Hawkins plans to reduce property tax next year

Vowing that “we’re going to give tax relief”, Kansas House Speaker Dan Hawkins floated a property tax cut proposal to…

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Some districts still pay dues to Schools for Fair Funding

More than four years after the Kansas Supreme Court compelled school funding to be increased by more than $1 billion,…

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KC Star pushes Kelly for governor with school funding lie

A guest column in today’s Kansas City Star by a retired teacher makes an outrageously false claim about school funding…

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Top-heavy USD 500 Kansas City shortchanges teachers and students

USD 500 Kansas City gave Superintendent Charles Foust a 17% pay increase last year, while the approximate $92 million spent…

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School district lawyers say $1 billion isn’t enough to resolve Gannon suit

Legislators just increased school funding another $90 million per year, bringing the total being phased in through the 2023 school…

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Ethics-Challenged Chief Justice Lectures Troops on Ethics

The Kansas Supreme Court Chief Justice, Lawton Nuss, lectured about 35 military legal specialists on ethics via video conference. The…

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