July 23, 2024

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Study: Medicaid expansion puts hospitals at higher risk of closure

It has become a mantra with Kansas Democrat Governor Laura Kelly: any hospital closure is blamed on not expanding Medicaid. …

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Kansas Health Institute uses flawed assumptions to push Medicaid expansion

A new white paper from the Kansas Health Institute suggests that new federal incentives would lower the cost of Medicaid…

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Federal unemployment benefits stifle job growth in Kansas

President Joe Biden may not believe that the extra $300 per week in federal unemployment benefits is keeping people from…

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Medicaid expansion states have worse COVID-19 results

One of Governor Kelly’s closest allies in the Legislature, state Sen. Barbara Bollier, a retired Mission Hills physician, said one…

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Kelly-Denning Medicaid expansion plan defies voters

Governor Laura Kelly and Kansas Senate Majority Leader Jim Denning held a press conference in the Capitol rotunda to announce…

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Medicaid expansion plan would hike cigarette taxes, raise fees

Over the last two days, members of the Senate Select Committee on Healthcare Access noodled on details of a Medicaid…

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Opponents Say Medicaid Expansion Is Bad Medicine

Rep. Jim Ward, D-Wichita, introduced a bill to expand Kansas’ Medicaid program, and Gov. Laura Kelly said in her state…

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21,904 People Died Waiting for Services in Medicaid Expansion States, Report Finds

Medicaid expansion isn’t what the doctor ordered. Gov. Jeff Colyer told a handful of lawmakers on Monday that he isn’t interested…

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Legislator Says Right-to-Shop Proposal Would Drive Down Health Costs

Rep. Abraham Rafie is seeking a solution to drive down healthcare costs. U.S. health care costs will outpace economic growth for the…

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Senate Committee Hosts Medicaid Expansion Hearing

The annual effort to expand Medicaid in Kansas cleared one hurdle Wednesday morning. Members of the Senate Public Health and…

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Report: Medicaid Expansion Fueling Budget Crises in Many States

Medicaid expansion cost overruns are fueling budget challenges in several states, according to a new report from the Foundation for…

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Food Stamp Usage Plummets Nationwide

Food stamp usage is on the decline. The number of food stamp recipients bottomed to a seven-year low, according to…

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