April 21, 2024

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Tag: food sales tax

Higher, fourth tax bracket proposed by governor‘s Tax Council

Single tax filers in Kansas earning over $50,000 and couples with incomes over $100,000 would be subjected to a new,…

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Tax, education issues await legislators’ return this month

The Kansas Legislature returns on April 25th with a host of issues awaiting its attention and that of the governor.…

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Food sales tax would be almost gone but for Kelly’s 2019 veto

Guess what the state sales tax on food would be this coming New Year’s Day if Kansas Governor Laura Kelly…

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Gov. Kelly’s proposals create budget deficit in five years

A state General Fund budget profile, including Governor Kelly’s $1.2 billion handout to a single company, her other proposals, and…

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Windfall tax bill SB 22 headed to Governor’s desk

Lawmakers adopted a bill that would allow taxpayers to keep the savings garnered by last year’s federal tax cuts. Under…

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Kansas Sales Tax 8th Highest in the Nation

Kansas has the eighth highest state and local average sales tax rate, according to a new study from the Tax…

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