July 20, 2024

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Tag: Duane Goossen

Duane Goossen, John Wilson deceive Kansans on tax relief

People connected to Democrat Laura Kelly’s administration have repeatedly misled Kansans on the facts related to tax relief, and a…

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Hineman, Goossen make false claims about 2012 Kansas tax plan

People across the nation who are opposed to letting citizens keep more of their hard-earned money have repeatedly pointed to…

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Tax reform council focuses on paying for more spending

Tax reform is usually associated with attempts to reduce taxes, but the first day of hearings at Kansas Governor Laura…

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Kelly stacks tax council with state spending advocates

Gov. Laura Kelly established the Governor’s Council on Tax Reform, a group that will study and make tax recommendations to…

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Former Budget Director Spins State Spending Tall Tale

Former Kansas budget director Duane Goossen fired up the spin yesterday in a guest column for the Wichita Eagle. Goossen…

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