December 6, 2023

Keeping Media and Government Accountable.

Tag: Dion Lefler

Eagle: Wichita park privatization largely a giveaway to developers

Privatizing Wichita’s parks system has largely resulted in giveaways to developers and other private interests rather than Wichita’s residents, according…

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Wichita Eagle tortures the truth opposing COVID compensation law

A recent Wichita Eagle news report attempted to change the narrative related to a legislative proposal, according to an attorney…

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Wichita Eagle criticizes Republican party for campaigning but gives Democrats a pass

Wichita Republicans are questioning the political bias of the local paper after the Wichita Eagle published a one-sided story last…

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Eagle Politicizes Shooting at Revenue Department

Within days of a Wichita shooting at a Kansas Department of Revenue office, the Wichita Eagle dragged out Democratic officials…

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