June 4, 2023

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Tag: Brandon Whipple

City, Wind Surge hit customers with undisclosed tax & fee

Wichita city leaders are up in arms after the Wichita Eagle reported the owners of the Wind Surge — the…

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Mayor Whipple dodges questions about Wichita mask mandate

In October, Wichita Mayor Brandon Whipple said the city’s mask mandate should remain in effect until the 14-day rolling average…

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State, county officials grapple with mask mandates under new law

Kansas counties shifted gears on mask mandates as Senate Bill 40 became law. Kansas’s largest counties are taking different approaches…

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COVID cases growing faster in counties with mask mandates

In early August, Kansas Department of Health and Environment Secretary Dr. Lee Norman doctored a chart to justify mask mandates,…

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COVID cases jumped last week in counties with mask mandates

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment spent the last two weeks trying to convince Kansans that their manipulated data…

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Proposed plastic bag ban may have net negative environmental impact

Now that Wichita’s new mayor and city council voted unanimously to create a task force to consider banning the use…

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City officials not ruling out a tax increase for Wichita riverfront plan

City officials acknowledge that upwards of $1 billion in public money will be needed for the Wichita riverfront development plan,…

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Wichita Eagle criticizes Republican party for campaigning but gives Democrats a pass

Wichita Republicans are questioning the political bias of the local paper after the Wichita Eagle published a one-sided story last…

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House Slams Brakes on Banking Bill as Medicaid Expansion Vehicle

Kansas House Minority Leader Jim Ward tried to slip amendments related to Medicaid into legislation dealing with banks yesterday. The…

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