Governor Laura Kelly’s acceptance of the maximum contribution from George Soros family members may have voters questioning her oft-repeated phrase this campaign season that she’s “in the middle of the road.”

Both Jonathan Soros, scion of the liberal activist billionaire, and Jonathan’s wife, Jennifer gave the Kelly Campaign $2,000, according to the latest campaign finance reports.

George Soros’ Open Society Foundation promotes progressive agendas worldwide, focusing on climate change, economic justice, equity, and judicial reform. In the U.S., the foundation has famously funded the campaigns of progressive district attorneys, many of whom have come under criticism this election season for what critics refer to as “soft on crime” prosecutions.

Jonathan is the Chairman of the Jennifer and Jonathan Allan Soros Foundation, which is similar to the Open Society Foundation.

We reached out to a spokesperson for the governor’s campaign for comment on if accepting those contributions is consistent with her centrist campaign, but none was received.

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