February 22, 2024

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Kelly’s ‘bring it on’ comment about recession is an affront to Kansans

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There were 38,000 fewer Kansans working in May of this year, compared to January 2020.  Business owners and individuals are being crushed by Washington’s spending-driven inflation.  Yet Kansas Governor Laura Kelly is almost giddily inviting a recession, saying ‘bring it on.’

Fox News reports Kelly spoke to a local gathering of supporters today where she “not only acknowledged the possibility of a recession but had another message about a downturn in the U.S. economy and her state: “Bring it on.”

Kelly says the state is prepared for a recession, having a large General Fund surplus and $989 million more in a rainy day fund.  So state government may be in a position to weather a recession, but most taxpayers and business owners are not.

In addition to job loss and inflation, Kansans are also paying some of the highest tax rates in the nation.

Kansans pay some of the highest effective property tax rates in the nation, and some local officials seem hell-bent on making it worse.  Overland Park officials are promoting another 10% hike this year.

It’s good that Kansas has a rainy day fund and other reserves to weather a recession, but let’s not forget that a good portion of those reserves results from excessively high taxes.

Instead of ‘bring it on’ about a recession, Kelly should be saying ‘bring it on’ to personal and corporate income tax cuts.

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