March 25, 2023

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Big property tax hikes proposed by most officials in Johnson County

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As if past property tax increases that far exceed the change in inflation and population aren’t bad enough, most elected officials in Johnson County want to make it even worse.

Forty of the 60 separate taxing authorities within Johnson County are proposing tax hikes next year, and some are quite large.

Under Kansas’ Truth in Taxation law, passed in 2021, local taxing authorities that want to collect more property tax must declare their intent in notices to taxpayers that say when public hearings will be held for citizens to express their concerns.  The information in the table at the end of this story comes from an Open Records request to the Johnson County Clerk.

Overland Park officials may be the most egregious tax-gougers over the years, having collectively imposed a 364% property tax hike, which is more than three times the combined change in inflation and population.

Earlier this year, Overland Park Mayor Curt Skoog declined to say how much of a tax increase he wants, but now we know it is 10% — on top of last year’s 10% increase. 

County Commission Chair Ed Eilert wants 5% more for general county operations and more than 7% for parks and libraries.

Others proposing large increases include the school districts of Spring Hill, Gardner-Edgerton, and De Soto, and the cities of Shawnee, Leawood, Lenexa, Lake Quivira, Roeland Park, Edgerton, Fairway, Mission, Westwood, and Merriam.  A 46% hike is proposed for the Blue Valley Recreation Commission.

Hearings must be held between August 20 and September 20 by each entity that wants to exceed its revenue-neutral rate and collect more property tax next year.  Check the table below to find hearings that apply to you.

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