September 28, 2023

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fake news

JCC Bomb Threat Suspect A Trump-Hating, “Fake News” Reporter

  Juan Thompson is one strange duck but not that much stranger than many on the left. Not too long…

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Breaking: Hard Left Missouri Journalist, Muslim “Revert,” Arrested for Bomb Threats Against Jewish Community Centers

Juan Thompson, 31, was arrested in St. Louis, Missouri today for his involvement in half a dozen bomb threats against Jewish community centers.…

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Is “Ferguson Effect” Still Claiming Kansas City Lives?

On Tuesday evening, as reported by 41 KSHB, the police found a man shot to death on what locals have…

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The Sky Hasn’t Fallen–Top 20 Area Public Elementary Schools All in Johnson County

According to the educational ranking service, Niche, as reported by the Kansas City Business Journal, Johnson County public elementary schools,…

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Tony Botello of “Tony’s Kansas City” Answers the Sentinel’s 20 Questions

  What the major media most resent about the alternative media is the latter’s freedom to pursue the truth. By…

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House Attempts Veto Override Now

It’s now in the legislature’s hands. Gov. Sam Brownback vetoed tax hike legislation. He vetoed the bill that retroactively increases…

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Breaking: ISIS Wannabe Charged in Proposed KC Terror Plot

  Robert Lorenzo Hester, Jr., a/k/a “Mohammed Junaid Al Amreeki,” a/k/a “Junaid Muhammad,” a./k/a “Rabbani Junaid Muhammad,” a/k/a “Rami Talib.”…

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“Anti-Fascist” Missouri Woman Charged With Manslaughter in Bullying-Induced Suicide

Up until the morning of January 31, Harley Branham’s Facebook page catalogued her disgust with Donald Trump and his supporters.…

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TV News Mischaracterizes Tax Increase Bill

KSHB-TV 41 News mischaracterized a bill that would mark the largest tax increase in Kansas history. The anchor suggests at…

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New Business Continues to Grow in Kansas

There is not much positive effect a state tax policy can have on industries like agriculture and energy, the two…

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media bias

Media Bias: A Tale of 2 Polls

Kansas media widely covered a public opinion poll showing a majority of respondents supported budget-neutral expansion of Medicaid, or KanCare, but media…

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Reporter Calls Out Brownback in Series of Tweets

A brief debate on Twitter shows a Topeka Capital-Journal reporter calling out Gov. Sam Brownback and his staff about consumption…

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Wichita Eagle Lauds School Choice-Kind of

A Wichita Eagle reporter revealed soft support for school choice with a story earlier this week about how longer school…

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Out of the Senate, Greg Smith Gets Back to His Real Life’s Work

    Former Kansas State Senator Greg Smith launched his public career for a reason he would wish on no…

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Legends Persists with Fake Frank Marshall Davis Bio: Here’s the Real Story

  As the Sentinel reported on February 1, the Legends Outlets Kansas City chose to honor Frank Marshal Davis as…

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Senate Republicans Reach Consensus on Tax Package? Not So Fast

The Kansas Senate Committee on Assessment and Taxation will hold a hearing next week on a proposal that would eliminate…

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Kansas City on Pace to Pass 2016 Homicide Rate

The most serious problem that the city of Kansas City, Missouri, faces is one that its elected officials refuse to…

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Legends Honors Communist Pornographer–And That’s Just the Half of It

Among the Kansas “legends” that the Legends Outlets Kansas City currently celebrates on its website is one Frank Marshall Davis.…

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Convicted Serial Killer Gosnell Sent Hard Cases to Kansas

  Unlikely bestseller, Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer, holds a surprise for those who still believe…

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KC Seven Times More Lethal in 2016 than NYC

In its article on Kansas City homicides, “Half of 2016 KCMO homicides cleared or solved,” KSHB missed the larger story.…

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Can New Star Editor Live Down Wikileaks Revelation?

The Kansas City Star has recently shaken up its editorial board. Management put out to pasture long time editorial writers…

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Media Backed Into Covering KC Pro-Life Rally

Reporters and cameramen from virtually all the local television and radio stations descended on the Downtown Federal Courthouse to cover…

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What Happened to MU’s Melissa “I Need Some Muscle” Click?

Academia can be a very forgiving place. A year ago the University of Missouri severed its relationship with infamous communications…

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Why Did Star Slight Gay Hate Crime Story?

On January 22, KSHB-TV posted a story headlined, “Gay couple targeted with hate crime at south Kansas City home.” The…

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