December 3, 2023

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Blue Valley District So Poor It Spent $130K in Legal Fees to Deny a Student Books

The Blue Valley School District is so poor officials spent $130,000 in legal fees trying to get out of an…

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Black Millennial Tells Star: “All you see in KC are Caucasians.”

Apparently, social life in Kansas City among the millennial set is not nearly as harmoniously diverse as light beer commercials…

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Town Hall Meeting about Tyson Chicken Set for Tonight

Area residents will have an opportunity to voice some of their concerns about a proposal to build a Tyson Foods chicken manufacturing…

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KC Star Threatened With Boycott Over Unhinged Anti-Anthem Editorial

The readers of Tony’s Kansas City, an influential libertarian blog, are generally slow to anger and even slower to threaten…

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Antifa Comes Armed to Kansas City Rally–Sort Of

Aware finally that the other guys have all the guns, the revolutionary media darlings known as “Antifa”–shorthand for antifascist–came armed…

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freedom index

KC Librarian Cleared in Bizarre Free Speech Case

. Unlike America’s universities, the Kansas City Public Library is genuinely committed to free speech from all perspectives. Under the…

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Kansas judiciary

Shocker: Kansas Supreme Court Licenses Identity Theft–But Only By Illegal Aliens

Friday, in a stunning decision, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled in essence that the State of Kansas cannot prosecute illegal…

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Star Cites “Liberal” Bumper Stickers for Road Rage Incident, Ignores Bird Flip

“A man in the Ozarks has been charged after he allegedly pointed his pistol at a woman because she had…

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campus carry

Media Tallies Stolen Gun in Macabre Countdown

The Kansas media’s bizarre, almost hopeful, countdown longing for a gun incidence on a university campus tallied a non-event today.…

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Breaking: More KCI Turbulence as Conflict of Interest Charges Roil Debate

New conflict of interest charges have muddied the already murky waters engulfing the selection of a builder for a proposed…

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Shocker: Star Runs Fair and Balanced Article on Campus Carry

In an unusual burst of objective journalism, the Kansas City Star ran a featured article on Sunday that allowed a…

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Newsweek Runs Column that Reads Like Satire

Sidney Harman was robbed. Harman, now deceased, purchased Newsweek for $1 back in 2010, and judging for the news periodical’s…

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Democratic Candidate Calls KS Dem Party Controversy ‘Witch Hunt’

Some Kansas Democrats are trying to ouster the Kansas Democratic Party Secretary Casey Yingling, the Topeka Capital-Journal reported a few…

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Kansas AG, Secretary of State Weigh In on Dreamer Program

According to the Hill, rumors are circulating that President Trump may cancel the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. The Obama-era policy,…

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Breaking: Police Nab Suspect in 5 South KC Trail Slayings, Star Struggles With Narrative

In an ideal world, it would not matter who was responsible for the slayings of five middle-aged white men walking…

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Missouri Travel Advisory: KC Passes 100 Homicide Mark, Rate 10X Greater Than NYC

A month ago, to much fanfare, the NAACP issued a travel advisory for Missouri. The threat, NAACP members were told…

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Sen. Caryn Tyson Joins Growing GOP Crowd for Kansas 2nd

In a remarkable bit of journalistic restraint, Jonathan Shorman of the Wichita Eagle reported the announcement by conservative Sen. Caryn…

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KC Star Misfires Opening Salvo on Colyer, KanCare

The Kansas City Star fired its opening shots across the bow of the USS Jeff Colyer. In a story that…

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Breaking: Missouri State Senator Says, “I Hope Trump Is Assassinated”

The St. Louis Post Dispatch is reporting that Missouri state Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, a Democrat from University City, posted a…

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New Poll Shows Support for Single Terminal, But One Question Is Missing

After months of relentless propaganda from all corners in support of a new single terminal at KCI, the engineering firm…

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OP Planned Parenthood in Trouble for Underage Abortion, About Time

Dr. Allen Palmer, a contract Planned Parenthood abortionist, told the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts that he relied on…

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Rudderless KCK Community College Rewards Employees With Average 11% Raise

For all the talk of a cash starved public education establishment in Kansas, somehow the leadership of Kansas City, Kansas…

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Eagle Definitions: ‘Centrist’ Equals Anti-Freedom; ‘Success’ Equals Tax Hike

The Mainstream Coalition, an anti-religion organization, is calling the largest tax hike in Kansas state history “a success,” according to…

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KC Streetcar Boosters “Win” Round I, Round 2 Tuesday

Even the most diabolical Russian would have been hard pressed to out-rig the Kansas City streetcar boosters who arranged a…

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