June 21, 2024

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KC Seven Times More Lethal in 2016 than NYC

In its article on Kansas City homicides, “Half of 2016 KCMO homicides cleared or solved,” KSHB missed the larger story.…

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Can New Star Editor Live Down Wikileaks Revelation?

The Kansas City Star has recently shaken up its editorial board. Management put out to pasture long time editorial writers…

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Media Backed Into Covering KC Pro-Life Rally

Reporters and cameramen from virtually all the local television and radio stations descended on the Downtown Federal Courthouse to cover…

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What Happened to MU’s Melissa “I Need Some Muscle” Click?

Academia can be a very forgiving place. A year ago the University of Missouri severed its relationship with infamous communications…

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Why Did Star Slight Gay Hate Crime Story?

On January 22, KSHB-TV posted a story headlined, “Gay couple targeted with hate crime at south Kansas City home.” The…

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KCMO to Taxpayers: Show Us the Money!

The Kansas City, Missouri City Council wants more taxpayer money, much more. Its members recently voted to put three measures…

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