December 5, 2023

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Tax Increase Bill Headed to Final Action

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With no discussion or debate, a large majority of Kansas House members voted to move forward on a tax bill that will raise income taxes, eliminate the LLC-exemption, and reinstate a third tax bracket in Kansas. Final action on the bill is expected Thursday. A bipartisan majority 82-39 voted to recommend the bill for passage.

Gov. Sam Brownback, who is generally reluctant to use the word “veto,” said he would not sign the bill if it passes the House and the Senate. The House vote to recommend the legislation was one vote shy of the necessary 83 votes needed to override a veto.

According to the Governor, the bill would “pummel the pocketbook of middle class families.”

“It drastically hikes taxes retroactively on workers making as little as $15,000 annually,” he said. “While on the campaign trail, many of these representatives pledged to raise taxes on the wealthy, but now are attempting to tax everyday Kansans.”

Brownback’s budget increased used idle funds to fill a budget hole and increased sales taxes on cigarettes and alcohol. A House committee rejected the Governor’s budget proposal earlier this week, so it is unlikely to see consideration by the full House.

“My budget solves the challenges of today, has solutions for tomorrow, and avoids punishing tax increases on middle class workers, families, and job creators,” Brownback said.

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