July 24, 2024

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Tag: What was Really the Matter with the Kansas Tax Plan

Flat tax in SB 169 is good for Kansas taxpayers

by Grover Norquist and Dave Trabert It was clear from the very beginning. Despite winning reelection on a message of…

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KC Star, KU prof consciously deceive Kansans on the flat tax

Tony Botello, the self-described ‘left-leaning’ brain behind the Tony’s KC blog, describes the Kansas City Star’s latest resurrection of the…

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Mayoral candidate Skoog makes false accusations of KPI

Curt Skoog, a candidate for Overland Park mayor, made some false claims about Kansas Policy Institute and me personally at…

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Hineman, Goossen make false claims about 2012 Kansas tax plan

People across the nation who are opposed to letting citizens keep more of their hard-earned money have repeatedly pointed to…

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Sharice Davids misleads Kansans on school funding, COVID deaths

Rep. Sharice Davids, D-Kansas, representing the state’s 3rd Congressional District, is running a TV ad claiming the Brownback tax relief…

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